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Guard Dog ID Review

[ 13 ] Reviewed by on June 22, 2010 | Updated on July 26th, 2010
GuardDog ID review
Starts at $9.95 per month • GuardDogID.comside-by-side comparison

Introducing Guard Dog ID, An Identity Theft Service That’s Ready To Take On Lifelock

Identity theft is big business and every few months, you’ll hear about a new identity protection service. In fact at IDProtectionGuide, we get a steady stream of emails for review requests. Obviously we can’t review every service available so we like to pick and choose services that take a unique approach to identity theft prevention or we get a large enough number of requests from consumers to initiate a review. And that’s how we stumbled onto Guard Dog ID, (not to be confused with IDWatchDog) and after reviewing the service offerings, we were pleasently surprised by the combination of core features and available add-ons. Somebody over there put some serious thought into designing a protection service that’s customizable for consumers.

How Does GuardDog ID Work?

Guard Dog ID offers three levels of protection: Advanced, Premium, and Superior. All three levels of protection are built around a set of standard features which include:

Core Features Of Any Guard Dog ID Plan

  • Net Deflect
  • Guard Dog ID will scan criminal web sites, chat rooms and bulletin boards for the selling or trading of a members’ personal information using their proprietary internet surveillance technology, Net Deflect.

  • Court Records
  • As a Guard Dog member, you will receive a list of criminal actions associated with your name, birth date, and/or Social Security number sourced from county, state, federal databases. These reports are updated monthly.

  • Names & Alias
  • Guard Dog ID’s SS Indicator will alert you if your information is located in a database and cannot be matched to other reports listed in your dashboard. This helps Guard Dog ID members be proactive about the safety of their identity, and recognize fraudulent activities before they cause financial damage.

    It is very common with identity theft for criminals to establish different names using your social security number, drivers license and other personal information. Often, these thieves are not interested in gaining credit; they are simply interested in impersonating someone else in order to conceal their true identity.

  • WalletGuard
  • If your wallet or purse should be stolen or lost, Guard Dog specialists will take immediate action to prevent the fraudulent usage of your cards and make sure that you have the correct packages in place to monitor changes in your personal information.

  • SSIndicator
  • Members will be provided with an Address History Report illustrating all addresses associated with their name and Social Security number.

  • PervertAlert
  • Guard Dog ID monitors local and national databases to alert you to sex offenders residing in your zip code, moving into your neighborhood or possibly using your information while committing these offences.

  • SureAddress
  • Sure Address is designed to proactively monitor national databases to alert you of activity matching your information. Members will be provided with a Change of Address Report showing any recent move requests filed for their address.

  • $1 Million Insurance
  • Guard Dog ID provides each member with $1 Million insurance coverage. There is no deductible, no out-of-pocket expenses and includes coverage for lost wages up to $500/week for four weeks. (These limits match TrustedID’s industry leading wage loss limits)

  • Identity Restoration Expert
  • Guard Dog ID has highly-trained restoration specialists to effectively and efficiently manage any type of fraud related issues. Guard Dog ID will assign a restoration specialist to your case dedicated to work directly for you and completely restore your identity to 100% satisfaction.

All of Guard Dog ID’s protection plans revolve around these core features. Premium adds instant 1-bureau credit report, score, and monitoring as well as monitoring your information on payday loan applications, a common source of identity theft. Select will offer the same protection but for all three credit bureaus.

Guard Dog ID Protection Plans
Advanced Premium Superior
Price $9.95/month $14.95/month $19.95/month
Core Features
Credit Reports no 1 Bureau Only
Credit Score no 1 Bureau Only
Credit Monitoring no 1 Bureau Only
PayDay Loans no



With the basic plan starting at $9.95, Guard Dog ID is affordable and if you add a spouse, both of you will receive a 10% discount. You can save an additional 10% by prepaying annually as well. Premium is $14.95/month and Superior goes for $19.95/month.


Guard Dog ID’s impressive list of core features such as SSIndicator, Sure Address and the Net Deflect are great features to protect you from becoming a victim of identity theft.


Most services don’t pay enough attention to sources beyond your credit report for detecting identity fraud. Guard Dog ID also recognizes identity fraud isn’t always about financial theft and the scanning of sex offender registry reports and alias reporting are excellent ways to make certain you’re protected against all kinds of identity theft.


Guard Dog ID offers a comprehensive insurance policy and personalized assistance in the form of recovery specialists that will see fraud cases to complete resolution.


Guard Dog ID is an excellent service. I can’t think of one thing they’re not doing or offering. I’m especially impressed with the Name and Alias reports which will analyze discrepancies in your social security, drivers license, and other personal information to detect those thieves not interested in gaining credit but simply interested in impersonating someone else in order to conceal their true identity.

This type of non-credit related identity theft is growing and won’t show up on your credit report.

The core set of services closely resembles Lifelock’s Command Center at a fraction of the price. Add in the credit report monitoring I think is essential to any protection service and you’ve got a winner here.

THE GOOD: An almost ridiculous set of features. It’s Lifelock Command Center at almost half the price.

THE BAD: This is a fairly new company that doesn’t have an extensive track record dealing with customers.

Visit to sign up for the free trial and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with identity protection.

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  1. Jon says:

    I have always received outstanding customer service and very rapid responses from their support center! I have been a customer for a year now, and I’m very impressed with the account management and the customization features. Very user friendly and great alerts! Keep up the good work Guard Dog!

  2. Don Carter says:

    My identity was stolen about 15 years ago so I know first hand how painful it is to discover and repair the damage that is done to ones financial status. I had tried several products over the years offering ID theft protection but in 2009 switched to Guard Dog ID. I can honestly say that Guard Dog ID has a superior product, web based interface, infrastructure security, and customer service over the competitors I have used. I currently have a single subscription but am planning to upgrade to the family plan shortly to ensure my entire family is ensured the security it deserves.

  3. John Graham says:

    Guard Dog is not only a great investment in ones Identity Protection, but its stock is a great investment as well. GRDO is shaping up to be one of the Best plays in Penny Startup History. Up 3250% in 2009 and strongly holding gains. The company has committed to uplist by early 2011 and has forecasted revenues in the hundreds of millions. GRDO is now recognized as one of the Top companies in Identity Theft Protection.

  4. Drew says:

    I used to be a Lifelock customer. Now I subscribe to Guard Dog. Enough said.

  5. David Smith says:

    I recently switched from Identity Guard to Guard Dog ID: Guard Dog’s product is far superior and Guard Dog ID appears to be rapidly advancing in the marketplace. I’m also a Kendra Todd fan.

  6. Arden says:

    Switched from lifelock to Guarddogid. Way better customer service, website, reports. Very simple website to use.

    I feel my identity is even more secure than it was before. So far I’m very pleased at the benefits that Guarddogid provides. Bravo.

  7. Jim Deerfield says:

    Guard Dog ID is a very comprehensive product. After doing my due diligence here I’ve chosen Guard Dog ID for my service provider.

  8. Jennifer B says:

    I went to the Guard Dog ID site at the suggestion of a friend. I was very impressed with what I saw and the review here as well. I’ll be signing up this week.

  9. Ryan says:

    Jennifer B. The service is outstanding and you will not be dissapointed. Customer service is excellent. Great company.

  10. Mark says:

    Exceptionally friendly and profesional people with a product that is much more than just a credit monitoring service.Truly gives you a sense of well being.Would recommend to anyone.

  11. Douglas C says:

    A former employer used my name and SSN to open a credit card. It was 3 months before I found about it after trying to apply for a car loan — the damage was done. I was able to clear up the mess after 6 weeks but it was certainly a very stressful experience and temporarily damaged my credit. I looked around and found Guard Dog to help protect my identity and also provide other beneficial services. They were the most economical and comprehensive product I found. Plus I like that they are a public company providing jobs for folks here in the US–I inquired and their staff are fully employed in the US—not outsourced overseas or in another Country.

  12. Limp T says:

    After a family member became a victim I realized ID protection was necessary. After being a customer of Lifelock and trying to deal with their customer service I realized I had to pick the right ID protection service. Guard dog has not only given excellent and fast service they have also customized their entire operation around the customer and accessibility. With their family plan I feel a sense of comfort and pride knowing my kids are protected as well as me and my wife. Thanks Guard Dog.

  13. Mindy B says:

    Identity Theft Protection is a must have nowadays and Guard Dog ID provides that as well as many other related services. It looks to me thay have one of the best if not the best platform on the market today. They also have exceptional customer service. Thanks to Guard Dog ID!

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