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  1. Peter K says:

    I just got a call from my credit card company. Someone got a hold of personal information and changed my address to somewhere in California then maxed out my Mastercard. It looks like my day will be spent on the phone to banks and credit bureaus sorting this all out. Man, this sucks.

    Will either of these services have prevented this?

  2. Brandon Qureshi says:

    Oh man, that’s terrible. Did they get your SS number or just your credit card?

    As far as protection goes, it depends how your information was compromised. Lifelock’s new “Command Center” may have caught the address change in time to make a difference but that also depends. The good news is you are usually only liable for the first $50 of any fraudulent credit activity. TrustedID will also reimburse you for any lost wages you might have suffered up to $5,000.00

    What you really need to be concerned with is how much information the identity thief has and be vigilant in monitoring your credit report. Can they open new accounts? Can they tamper with any existing accounts?

  3. Mike says:

    Thanks for the review. I found this site very informative. Does Lifelock or TrustedID make you sign a contract?

  4. Brandon Qureshi says:

    No, both services are contract free and will offer prorated refunds.

  5. Henry says:

    I am trying to figure out which one of these two companies (TrustedId & Lifelock) would best fit me if, someone is trying to use my Social Security to apply for a job?

  6. Brandon Qureshi says:

    If somebody has your Social Security number and is applying for work under it , the first step I’d take is to order a Social Security Statement to make certain your earnings history is correct.

    Next out of the two services you’re looking at I’d recommend Lifelock Command Center over TrustedID for your situation because of the additional monitoring Command Center offers.

  7. Sid says:

    For general protection, which you recommend? I have heard there have been issues with LifeLock. Have they been resolved. A friend is trying to get me to sign up with Pre-Paid Legal Identity Theft Shield. Do you know anything about this company?


  8. Michelle says:

    Just an FYI. After our financial institution’s office was broken into this summer we were given 12 months of ID protection through LifeLock at no cost. I enrolled our family on-line entering my husband’s information first, then mine and lastly our childrens. I called LifeLock today as the website would only accept our e-mail address (we all use the same one) for my husband’s enrollment. I was told that for security reasons there has to be a separate e-mail address for each person and suggested we open a free one through Yahoo or another site. This would cause more work on my part and I am the only one who would check the sites for information relating to the LifeLock accounts! Explained this and again was told it was for “security” reasons. I was then told that since I am not the “primary” account holder that they could not discuss our minor children’s information with me that they would need to have my husbands “permission” as he is listed as their “guardian”! I explained that my husband is a farmer who works 7 days a week and doesn’t have a clue as to how any of this works but they stood their ground and would not discuss our childrens information. As their mother I am able to discuss them with the doctor, school, etc but not with this company. This infuriates me to no end! I looked through their website and didn’t come across anything that talked about this issue. Do all companies operate in this manner? My husband and I have talked about keeping such a service after our 12 months with this company ends and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will make sure to do my research!

  9. Lisa says:

    Recently lost or had stolen credit card, drivers license, registration, ATM card & AAA card. I’m interested in preventing ID theft and I’m considering between Trusted ID & Lifelock. There are so many options, not sure if I need the internet security service when I have Norton Internet Security, also how imporant public records is to have, what company and which plan would you recommend for me?

  10. Greg Mckeon says:

    Hi Lisa, with the amount of information you’ve lost I’d definitely be concerned with the danger of somebody opening new accounts and accessing existing ones.

    If you already have Norton, then I’d still go with TrustedID because of the credit monitoring features Lifelock doesn’t yet offer.

  11. Rick says:

    Trying to decide if I should go with Lifelock or Trusted ID. I have 3 kids, 1 in college and 2 in high school. Do I need the coverage for the 2 in High school?

  12. Greg Mckeon says:

    If you go with TrustedID then there isn’t any additional charge to cover family members as long as they live under the same roof. If it doesn’t cost you anything, why not?

    Lifelock will charge $25 for each additional family member.

    Child identity theft occurs at a very young age and if your teenagers go online for any reason, they’re at increasing risk for identity exploitation. Identity thieves particularly target children because this theft usually goes undetected for many years … so to answer your question, yes I’d protect them. Both companies are great.

  13. Abe says:

    I just realized someone opened a cellphone account in my name and with my SS#. I signed up with TrustedID. Do you think this is the best service for my issue? Thank you!

  14. Jay Mcguire says:

    Are you familiar with a relatively new company ; iSeKurity, in Auburn, MI.?
    Would you recommend them? Thanks

  15. Mark Abrahan says:

    As truck drivers , my wife and I,, we constantly have to show our drivers license at shippers and receivers all over the country. We of course use a debit card all over the country also. As we are home only once a month, 4-6 days, we would like to get alerts of any changes to our credit or any of our information showing up in all the wrong places, via email or text. Which service would be better for us?