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Zander Identity Theft Review

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  1. Sm722 says:

    Well I do love his books but good review. Thanks.

  2. Shiela says:

    Zander ID Theft doesn’t do anything. It’s cheap but you get what you pay for. Go with GuardDog ID or TrustedID.

  3. Jeff Zander says:

    The emphasis on prevention and detection is the fallacy of the entire ID Theft industry. You can’t prevent ID Theft. You can take certain “common sense” steps to help avoid certain exposures. However, all of the companies you noted as offering prevention/detection services, especially those with million dollar guarantees, are basically just marketing hype that play upon people’s lack of understanding of what ID Theft really is and how is occurs. The plans you noted as being of value almost exclusively focus only on Financial ID Theft which now accounts for less than 1/2 of all ID Theft events. They tend to emphasize credit monitoring, fraud alerts, freezes and other nebulously defined prevention services that on their best day have been proven to have limited effectiveness. That is why the founder of LifeLock has been a victim of ID Theft 13 times along with all of their other legal and FTC issues. Additionally, the restoration/assistance services offered, if you do become a victim, are severely limited by specifically worded “guarantees” that only apply through the fault and defect of their service. If a creditor extends credit without checking your credit report then where is the fault and defect of the credit monitoring service. It is a marketing shell game which is why the FTC came down so hard on these players recently. In addition, most of all these preventative or detection services can be done for free on your own which is another reason not to waste money on them.

    The other major issue of prevention/detection is related to the ever growing uses for people personal information. ID Theft has grown to include Medical, Insurance, Benefit, Social Security, IRS, Utility, Employment and Criminal fraud which has nothing to do with new account/financial fraud. None of these events show up on your credit bureau so there is no way for these plans to detect or prevent their occurrence. The plans you noted really equate to buying extra smoke detectors for your home but going without fire insurance which is not a very effective strategy.

    Dave Ramsey’s endorsement of our program for his listeners is based on the same premise he emphasizes every day regarding smart financial decisions. You want to find a plan that provides you the broadest protection possible for the risks you face and to do so in the most economical manner. This allows you to transfer away risk that you don’t want to assume but save dollars so that you can emphasize more important financial priorities such as getting out of debt.

    I appreciate the forum that you have created and hope my comments have added value.

  4. David S. says:

    Mr. Zander
    When I compare your ID Theft protection to TrustedID that is only $4 more a month, why should I pick your company? In what ways will you monitor my info to keep me safe?

  5. virginia smith says:

    thank you jeff for setting the record straight. i do personally have your id protection and fully understand that it is re-active rather than pro active. it concerns me more to give very personal and all information to the other services. who is to say “they” could not be attacked and then the bad guy has tons of information right down to bank account numbers, ss#, and all credit info. i am at my renewal period and was searching to see if i should switch….i have chose to stay!

    p.s. my life actually was compromised this last year. i called the 800 number and they directed me exactly in what to do.

  6. Chris says:

    Jeff, if you have to attack your competition instead of proving the value of yours own it’s own merit, your product doesn’t have much value. Attacking the Lifelock CEO to defend your product shows a lack of tact and integrity. Something I thought Dave emphasized. Interesting.

  7. Mel says:

    Chris, Jeff defended his product very well and without the attack you mention. There was nothing derogatory or punitive in what Jeff said regarding the founder of LifeLock, it was a statement in fact, and a realization that every consumer of these products should know, chances are you will be a victim. I personally do not own the Zander plan so have nothing to defend here myself; I wish all protection plan services were just as honest. If you’re buying these plans to stop identity theft, you’re buying them for the wrong reason, the monitoring is great, but the help after you become a victim is equally if not more important.

  8. Dustin says:

    What is needed is prevention AND recovery service. It seems clear to me that if one is seeking comprehensive protection that based on this review one should get both TrustedID’s IDEssentials™ and Zander’s Identity Safeguard Plan.

    First company that can provide both prevention and recovery will get my montly premium dollars

  9. Dan says:

    Chris, As a neutral reader looking into service, I didn’t take Jeff’s comments as an attack. Given Lifelock’s past marketing methods, I think it is significant and important that he has had his identity stolen so many times. That speaks to the quality of the service and whether it is providing what it promises. I’m currently a Lifelock customer, but I’m considering Zander as my subscription expires. The information from one of my credit cards was stolen this year and a few days after I reported it, I got Lifelock’s standard “your identity information remains unchanged”. I need protection. I don’t know if Lifelock has helped me or not, but if my identity is stolen, I want some insurance in working through things.

  10. Burdell Chamberlain says:

    I hae been searching for a company that will really do everything they say but have not found one. Think i will
    just wing it

  11. Frank says:

    David S. – If you had read and understood Mr. Zander’s response you would not have asked your question.

    Chris – He did not attack the founder of LifeLock. He gave an excellent example of the point he was making by stating fact.

  12. Tyler says:

    Chris- It’s called a debate. Mature people can have a debate while maintaining integrity and tact.

    Jeff @ Zander is discussing the merits of his product vs. the competition. Everything he said is true about Lifelock. That company has had some big issues that should be brought to light when folks are considering ID theft protection.

  13. Zhong Zhang says:

    Chris, Jeff did not attack his competition. He wrote factually about the problems with services provided by Lifelock. He is entirely accurate in his summation. Your information has already been stolen. Statistically speaking, however, the criminals sit on the information for three to four years before doing anything with it as it is more valuable that way. It isn’t tied to the actual breach.

    Your identify has already been stolen. If you’ve ever had a friend who had someone start using their credit card number, it can take months and hours of calls to straighten out. You want someone handling that aspect of recovery for you.

    Believing that you can prevent identify theft is a falsehood. Your social security number is part of so many public records it is ridiculous.

  14. Rick says:

    Zander ID Theft now offers Personal Identity Monitoring. I think this is a fairly new service of the identity theft product. I am seriously considering signing-up.