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Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection Reviews & Ratings

Services: Our Ratings: Bottom Line:
TrustedID stars
Most comprehensive protection; 3-bureau credit monitoring including credit scores; best value for families; free anti-spyware; free 14-day trial
Identity Guard stars
Most technically advanced ID theft protection service; real-time credit report monitoring; free Internet security suite; free 30-day trial
Lifelock Command Center stars
Industry leader; Command Center offers innovative public records scanning; 10% discount & free 30-day trial
Guard Dog ID stars
Wide range of advanced features; customizable protection; free 30-day trial
ProtectMyID stars
Excellent ID theft protection value especially for consumers concerned with credit report monitoring; 30-day trial for $1
Lifelock stars
Industry leader; Strong value overall; 10% discount & free 30-day trial
Equifax stars
Great combination of credit report monitoring and ID theft detection; free 30-day trial
Zander stars
Exceptional recovery assistance without any limits. Advocates will handle cases until they are resolved.

Does Identity Theft Protection Work?

When Todd Davis, CEO of identity-theft protection company LifeLock, broadcast his Social Security number on national television, he became one of the 10 million American victims of identity theft each year. In fact, his identity was stolen at least 13 times and LifeLock accumulated $12 million in fines due to the advertisement. Instead of proving the confidence he had in the security of his company, Davis showed us that identity theft still remains a great threat.

Granted, most of us won't plaster our Social Security numbers all over billboards. But real threats exist out there, and it is important to protect your identity. Are online identity-protection services worth the cost? Can you trust them? Are there more-effective ways to protect your personal information without the services of a specialized company?

The purpose of this website is to educate consumers about what to look for if you decide to buy into an identity-theft protection service. We've researched the top identity theft protection services and even created a unique comparison tool which allows you to select services for a side-by-side comparison. When doing your research, you should know what features these companies offer, and evaluate whether their services fit your needs.

The Real Risk Of Identity Theft

Criminals can steal your identity through a variety of ways, including phishing scams, malware on your PC, and even rooting through your trash for sensitive paper documents. You can defend yourself against such attacks by keeping an eye out for phishing tactics, running antimalware utilities, and shredding documents.

One method of identity theft that you can't directly guard against is a data breach against a company--such as a bank--that you do business with. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, 498 such breaches occurred in 2009. Often criminals will sell personal information harvested from data breaches to other crooks on online black markets. Criminals could use your identity for anything from opening bank or credit card accounts to seeking medical care using your name.

To make matters worse, laws requiring companies to disclose data breaches are spotty: Some states have tough reporting laws, but no national standard exists. In other words, you could do everything right, and still have your identity stolen without realizing it. No wonder there's a market for identity-theft protection services.

Should You Use Them?

In the past, it was a widespread belief that ID theft protection companies didnít offer many services that you couldnít do yourself, but rather provided convenience. Instead of consumers getting immersed in the daunting task of tracking their identity at all times, they would just pay a company to do it for them.

But not anymore.

Today, ID theft protection companies have transformed into highly developed monitoring services. Some companies, such as Lifelock Command Center and Identity Guard, scan on public databases, such as sex offender registry reports or court records, for signs that your identity has been stolen.

lthough ID theft protection services have evolved, these companies are not your answer to complete protection. Paul Stephens, director of policy and advocacy with Privacy Rights Clearninghouse, says many companies donít offer credit monitoring, and when they do, they may only pull credit reports from one of the three major credit bureaus, which does not offer complete protection.

What Identity Protection Services Do (and Don't Do)

Typically, ID-theft protection services charge a monthly fee to follow your credit or public records, or non-credit related outlets, for any irregular patterns or charges. Some services will offer assistance after an identity theft has occurred to help you rebuild your credit. Many banks also provide their customers with a variety of identity theft protection services.

Each identity theft company operates differently to guard your identity. Some services track non-credit related sources of identity theft - like TrustedID, which offers monitors against medical benefits fraud, or Guard Dog ID, that watches for Social Security number fraud.

But others donít follow certain types of identity theft, such as:

  • Social Security number fraud - a debated point in the LifeLock advertising
  • Criminal identity fraud - an offender taking your identity when arrested
  • Medical fraud - a criminal assumes your identity when seeking medical attention
  • Previous instances of identity theft
  • Debit/check card fraud

These kinds of crimes, Stephens notes, "are more difficult to recover from than financial identity theft."

Our Guide

We designed this website to inform consumers about what to look for in an ID-theft protection service. When looking for a services, you should know what features different companies offer, and how they fit your needs and lifestyle. After thorough research, we have developed a comparison which easily allows you to analyze different services.

View our Buying Guide to see a list of the kinds of services to look for in an ID-theft protection service. When looking for a service, try to ask yourself these questions:

  • Which credit bureaus does the company get reports from?
  • How often does it get reports?
  • Do I have unlimited access to my credit reports and scores?
  • Does this company really provide services I canít do on my own?
  • What extra protection does the company provide?
  • What kind of insurance does it offer?

Itís also important to determine if the service provides additional identity monitoring. For example, will it track if someone is using your address? Or using your name to get medical services? "Do ID-theft protection services do more than monitor your credit? If they can say 'yes,' then maybe they're worth some value," says Jay Foley, executive director with the Identity Theft Resource Center.

Get Protected

Donít put off receiving ID theft protection until itís too late. Looking at this site means the topic is already on your mind. Too many people donít take measures to protect themselves from identity theft Ė and approximately 10 million Americans a year end up regretting it.

No matter how you decide to guard yourself against identity theft or fraud Ė if you do it yourself, use a company, track your credit Ė or any mix of these methods Ė it is vital you do something. Each year, identity theft costs our economy $50 billion and staggering amounts of anguish. Act today and rest assured that you and the ones you love are safe.

Sleep sound, and protect yourself now.

Identity Theft Reviews

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Lifelock vs TrustedID

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Credit Monitoring Services

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Five Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft during Tax Season

Tax season is upon us and there’s probably no greater form of identity theft on the rise than fraudulent tax returns. As has been widely documented, Florida has really taken the prize as the leading state for income tax fraud, mostly related to thieves or gangs who start with identity theft to file fake returns [...]

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Identity theft and IT security threats are predicted to increase during 2011, according to Dmitri Alperovitch, Vice President of Threat Research for McAfee Labs. The rise in identity theft and IT security breaches is due to the increased use of technology and applications in the online environment. These findings will likely contribute to the rise [...]

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Identity Theft Blog

Tax Preparer Guilty of Identity Theft
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Tax Preparer Guilty of Identity Theft

In waterloo, Iowa a tax preparer for Precision Heating and Great Properties forged checks from the business between January 2011 and August 2011. According to authorities, Sharon Healey, 48, also opened a credit card account under a relative’s name and made thousands of dollars in purchases. Healey opened a Chase credit card account under her [...]

Five Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft during Tax Season
[ 0 ] April 15, 2013

Five Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft during Tax Season

Tax season is upon us and there’s probably no greater form of identity theft on the rise than fraudulent tax returns. As has been widely documented, Florida has really taken the prize as the leading state for income tax fraud, mostly related to thieves or gangs who start with identity theft to file fake returns [...]

Hundreds of Victims Identified in Massive Identity Theft Scam
[ 0 ] December 4, 2012

Hundreds of Victims Identified in Massive Identity Theft Scam

Wilson, Haynes and Paul were arrested in Iberville Parish on November 8th after they allegedly tried to pass counterfeit checks at Walmart in Plaquemine, as well as the Donaldsonville Walmart earlier in the day. State Police say the three women had a number of counterfeit checks, stolen bank account numbers and fake ID cards with [...]

Buying Guide

The Case For Identity Theft Protection
[ 2 ] June 21, 2010

The Case For Identity Theft Protection

Not Your Daddy’s Identity Thief If you think you’re not at risk for identity theft, think again. This must see video from a recent Dateline MSNBC special points out how hackers use technology to steal your identity despite common precautions. Click here to see the rest of the Dateline special MSNBC DATELINE Special Report As [...]

Identity Theft: How Paranoid Should You Be?
[ 0 ] July 21, 2010

Identity Theft: How Paranoid Should You Be?

“You have No Privacy, Get Over It” These words were famously said by Scott McNealy, the former CEO of Sun Microsystems. While this isn’t an excuse for not taking action to protect yourself, it is important to remember there are limits on anyone’s control. Our private data exists in thousands of different locations, and is [...]

Identity Theft Protection: Worth The Money?
[ 1 ] June 22, 2010

Identity Theft Protection: Worth The Money?

Identity theft is on the rise at alarming rates mostly due to the increased use of the Internet as a primary communications and commerce tool. There are many people who still do not have identity theft protection and are unsure how to obtain it. With the rise in identity theft there has been a surge [...]

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TrustedID Review

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Identity Guard Vs Lifelock

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