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We all know why we need identity theft protection. Either we’ve been victimized or we’re concerned we might be victimized so any protection service must do one simple thing: prevent identity theft. Unfortunately no service exists that can guarantee 100% protection but these companies make the difference of locking your doors, turning the alarm on and having an armed guard patrolling your sidewalk versus your neighbor who leaves his front door unlocked at night. But trying to figure out which company is right for your individual situation may be more of a challenge to figure out.

That’s where IDProtectionguide comes in. We’ve spent hundreds of hours reviewing plans, on the phone with companies, and trying to read in between the lines. We’ve even read the fine print on the warranty statements line by line and then racked our brains created layouts to give you the hard earned information in a clear and concise way. We challenge you to find the information provided on our site anywhere else. Where others simply regurgitate company marketing materials, our reviews are completely original and unbiased. We tell you what we like and then why we like it.

How We Test

There are many sites that claim to offer unbiased and honest reviews. However most of those sites are just warmed over ad copy rewritten from vendor pages. We test products based on a consumer’s perspective. For the most comprehensive family coverage, read our TrustedID review. If you’re looking for something more technical, you need to read our Identityguard review. Is it important for you to be able to receive credit monitoring alerts on your cell phone? The point is, every consumer is looking for something different and the companies we review all have a unique approach to dealing with identity theft.

We then go through the process of signing up with each of these services and then compare the marketing material with actual consumer experience. Most of these companies are trying to sell you something and may not highlight their product’s shortcomings. So we go through each of these plans with a fine tooth comb and present the results to you.

The industry is dynamic however and products are constantly being refined or changed. Check back often to see updates and what’s new in the identity theft protection industry. Even if you’re a customer of a service, subscribe to our newsletter and keep current on new products and services.

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