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Identity Guard Vs Lifelock

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  1. Mitch says:

    Thanks for the info. How difficult is it to place fraud alerts on your own?

  2. Brandon Qureshi says:

    Hi Mitch, placing a fraud alert on your own is very easy. All you need to do is contact any credit bureau via phone or online and prove you are yourself by usually answering a few questions and you’re all set. Once you have a fraud alert at one bureau, they have to contact the other two. You will have to contact them again after 90 days to renew it but again, it’s a simple procedure.

  3. Scott says:

    I am currently using PrivacyGuard? Any thoughts about that? Thanks.

  4. Scott says:

    Does anyone offer a package deal for married couples? I am protected (at least I think I am) with PrivacyGuard, but it seems to me that since my wife and I share everything (credit cards etc.), I am really only 50% covered. Is this true?


  5. Brandon Qureshi says:

    Hi Scott,

    Privacy Guard offers credit monitoring services similar to those of Identity Guard and does a few things Identity Guard doesn’t like medical benefits review. The only major difference is Privacy Guard offers $10,000 in insurance while Identity Guard offers $1,000,000. If you’ve read our report on theft insurance, this isn’t as big a deal as it may seem.

    Identity guard does offer a host of virus and pc protection tools that Privacy Guard doesn’t but these are periphery offerings that may or may not appeal to you. As long as you’re reviewing your credit reports, regardless of where they come from – you’re fine.

  6. Brandon Qureshi says:

    TrustedID has a great family plan that covers anybody in the household. It’s only a few more dollars than Privacy Guard and you can protect your whole family.

  7. Scott says:

    Thanks Brandon,

    Am I correct in saying that I am only partially protected since my spouse and I utilize the same credit cards and she does not have Privacy Guard?


  8. Brandon Qureshi says:

    Hi Scott,

    Your Privacy Guard plan is attached to your social security number. If you are the primary account holder on the cards you and your wife share, you’re covered. Often credit card companies will offer additional cards for a spouse or partner based on the account holder’s credit profile.

    But you are correct your wife’s credit profile is not covered. Her use of your cards may be protected but nothing is preventing an identity thief from victimizing her information.

    Is this what you’re asking?

  9. Brian Howard says:

    I recently heard that Lifelock can no longer do the fraud alert service. Does that remove their benefit or have they changed their value statement. I am already a subscriber to them but I don’t totally trust anyone’s advertising info at this point. thanks

    I too am looking for something that covers both my spouse and me.

  10. scott says:

    This is the best price and service…made up by dave and Jeff at zander.. also checkout dave ramsey it will change your life..he has a FREE 1 hr show everyday you can listen to. and great term rates too.

  11. Eric says:

    For Family the best bang for the Buck is TrustedID. It is the cheapest. However I have tested all three major services including the new LifeLock Command Center. Nice but LifeLock just got slapped with an 11 Million Dollar FTC suit for false advertising moreover claims on their services.

    As for Identity Guard the reporting and updates are incredible. Practically real-time! Plus you can see your credit score, not overly necessary but it is there. You can see who is requesting info on you, but it does lack some stuff. The Free Antivirus and Keylogger is a gimmick. Your Broadband provider most likely gives you free Antivirus and what not…comcast now uses Norton Security Suite…based on Norton 360. It is decent and free for up to 5-7 PCs as long as you are a customer. Verizon, SBC/ATT, Cox, Time Warner all offer a free security suite as well Some from Trend, McAfee or CA…even Microsoft now offers Security Essential for free. It’s not the best but it does the Job.

    LifeLock claims to do Fraud Alerts which once again you can do yourself. Their service seems to be the center of tons of controversy…to the point were many believe you can do as much as they do for free yourself. They do cover the liability if it does happen to you but at what expense. I believe you are paying for a $1 Million insurance policy that will never pay out what it claims…they all offer this now too. It is a joke considering by law if someone uses your credit card you are liable for no more than $50…and most banks as well as Credit Card companies wont even stick you with that fee! Even with Command Center I am a little skeptical. They are 24×7 and they offer ID recovery service not just assistance…this is a big difference between all other. Is it hard to call your bank, credit card companies…no but getting a new SS can be a little bit of a pain. You will also have to go to the DMV if you lose your wallet no matter who’s service you have.

    TrustedID is a good service for a family. It is cheap and they offer an option (For a Cost) what is called CreditLock no one else has this. This is probably the single worth while service out there. This puts protection such as someone being able to run credit, open a loan, credit card or what not on complete lock down…no access what so ever…including for yourself. You have to call them to have it unlocked (for a Fee) and they unock it for a period to allow you to open up or do what you have to then lock it back down entirely! It is pretty cool and damn near bullet proof!

    As for policing the internet, in blackmarket chat rooms and so on. They all use services like Credit Cop which as I stated police chat rooms, message boards, and P2P sharing.

  12. tomnodell says:

    Should i just get both?

  13. Joseph says:

    I am interested in learning about the comparison between Identity Guard vs Zander Insurance.

    Any thoughts about which is best?


  14. Brandon Qureshi says:


    Sorry for the late reply Joseph but we just got around to reviewing Zander.

    In summary, its main strength appears to be the resolution services with unlimited help but their identity theft coverage is only $20,000. Every major service offers a million. There is no credit monitoring, no scanning of public databases, no other protection except helping you use free consumer services like the Do Not Call registry.

    There really isn’t any comparison to Identity Guard.

  15. Brandon Qureshi says:

    We’ve just completed a review of Zander’s identity theft service. You can read a review of it here.

  16. Craig says:

    I was researching for credit monitoring, and I was looking at Trustid, but they don’t offer updated info on credit reports or credit scores. I really like the idea of both being covered for 1 price, but won’t work for me if no updates to changes in credit reports/scores. Comparing lifelock and identity guard, I am going to go with indentity guard as it has more to offer for the same price as lifelock.

  17. Nelz says:

    All great information. thank you.
    Question: Will you review and does it fit in another category?
    I’m considering identity guard and/or only.

    thank you all. – Nelz