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  1. Phyllis says:

    If one buys Total Protection does the consumer have to do the daily monitoring or does Identity Guard? What is the difference between the Total Protection and Extra Caution plans?

  2. Brandon Qureshi says:

    Hi Phyllis,

    Identity Guard’s Total Protection does all the daily monitoring for you and will only notify you with alerts if they detect changes in your credit profile or if they detect your personal information is exposed online.

    However what’s great about Identity Guard is the Identity Dashboard which gives you 24/7 access to your account with updates to your current credit score.

    Extra Caution lacks these services compared to Total Protection:
    1. Identity Profile Monitoring – Detects credit applications opened in your name
    2. Close Monitoring of Public Records
    3. ID Vault®
    6. ZoneAlarm® Internet Security Suite

    Extra Caution is $14.99/mo and Total Protection is $17.99/mo.

    Hope this helps!


  3. Peggy Hicks says:

    I’m pretty dense about technical issues but I do a lot of internet shopping and also online bill paying and bank transactions. I am married and use both joint and individual cards. I’ve narrowed my choices to TrustedID and Identity guard but I can’t decide which covers us better. Can you help please?

  4. admin says:

    Hi Peggy,

    Both are great choices and TrustedID was just named “Best-in-Class” by Javelin Startegy & Research in their annual Identity Protection Services Scorecard. Having said that, in my opinion Identity Guard does a better job at monitoring your credit report but TrustedID offers services like Medical Benefits Protection and Family Pricing. Identity Guard also has the edge in technology. You’re paying a slight premium but you get better anti-virus and spyware protection, ID Vault, MOBILE LOCKBOX, ZoneAlarm and PRIVACY PROTECT – all important features if you spend much time online.

    I get a lot of questions comparing these two services, I think I’ve found a topic for our next post. Thanks.

  5. Robert Koster says:

    Ihave found 3 different prices for your services (including the anti-virus program: this page shows $17.95, another shows $19.95 & a third for COSTCO members (which includes Me).. which is correcr? Please respond ASAP amy current service
    thru Chase ends in 2 weeks. Thank you….RHK

  6. Steve Wilson says:

    Does I’d guard provide for a person to do the work of cleaning your credit if a theft occurs?