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Lifelock Review

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  1. Jason C. says:

    Thanks for your insightful review. Every other review I’ve seen says Lifelock is the best.

  2. SallyRichards says:

    Good review, here’s what is amazing to me, and even more astounding is that no one seems to consider this, when it comes to protecting against indentity theft. Every doctor, every dentist, hospital, clinic, medical labs, etc., asks for your Social Security number and your driver’s license. Who knows how many copies are made?

  3. KappaDog says:

    First review I’ve read to admit fraud alerts are pointless. A Fraud Alert (which anyone can place for themselves free of charge at each of the 3 bureaus) provides virtually no protection.

    LifeLock does nothing.

  4. Greg Mckeon says:


    Saying “Lifelock does nothing” is a bit unfair. While it’s true the efficacy of fraud alerts can be called into question, it used to be only a part of Lifelock’s protection service. It’s a little harder to make a case for dismissing the many other features including the public database scanning Lifelock does provide for members.

    If you’re looking for a service that scans everything under the sun including credit reports, take a look at Identity Guard’s Total Protection.