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TrustedID Review

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  1. Robin O'Brien says:

    Trusted I D may be good. Just don’t ever try to contact them and talk to someone in person. I have tried for days and have yet to speak to anyone. I’ve waited on hold for
    up 40 minutes several times.

  2. Greg Mckeon says:

    I’m sorry your experience has been so poor… I’ve never had to wait so long to speak to a live person and people I’ve referred have had nothing bad to say about their customer service.

    But I do sympathize, nothing turns me off more about a company than making it difficult to talk to a live person. Can I ask if your issue was ever resolved?

  3. Debbie Salita says:

    I’ve been happy with TrustedID. I used to have Lifelock but I was spending almost $30/month for my husband and I and our child but with TrustedID I get more protection and at about half the price.

    No brainer.

  4. Stan Kays says:

    Was reading your review of TrustedID dated 2010. Do you have or is there a more recent review of TrustedID? Is it still rated at or near the top against other ID protection services?

    Thank You

  5. Erin says:

    I was actually wondering the same thing as the last poster. Is trustedID still your top pick? We’re at LifeLock now, but paying $60 for the two of us each month! Terrible!

  6. Joshua says:

    Good evening friends, am Joshua I went to sign up for identity theft but I don’t know who should I go for, please can any help?